How can an eCommerce WordPress
developer improve conversion rates

How can an eCommerce WordPress developer improve conversion rates

These are exciting times for the online space, especially for the eCommerce industry. Though the opportunities in the eCommerce space are many, so is the competition. There are a huge number of eCommerce WordPress developer now with experience in WordPress eCommerce tools like WooCommerce that can help you build your eCommerce platform. With the prevalence of the cut-throat competition in the space, it is imperative you have all the right digital marketing strategies in place.

No matter how high the internet traffic to your eCommerce website is, conversions ultimately matter. To improve conversion rates, you need to employ a wide range of effective digital marketing strategies. That’s why WordPress developers are now also familiar with digital marketing strategies like social media marketing. These include everything from the right eCommerce website design to social media marketing strategies and ensuring the right web development strategies. Let us look at some vital ones:

Ensure you have the rightly designed user interface that

To ensure high conversion rates on your eCommerce website, you must first have the perfect eCommerce website design in place. As a WordPress developer, it’s your job to find the right WordPress theme and plugins that give you the functionality you want with the best design.

Next, you must ensure that the user interface is smooth and seamless. Once you have a user-friendly user interface, you can ensure high conversions. A good WordPress developer will use Page Speed Insights to optimise user experience metrics. Effective WordPress development involves many factors, like ensuring clutter-free web design that ensures easy navigation and all the relevant information.

Using high-quality product images and product information

It is an age where online shoppers have become used to high-quality product images. Thus, whether it is your ecommerce website or your social media marketing posts, the product images you use must be of the highest standards. They must be able to ensure they can grab immediate attention. It will ensure higher engagement. You also have all the relevant product information potential buyers will likely seek. Once this is done, you will have higher conversion rates for your eCommerce website.

Have competitively priced products on your eCommerce website

You can draw in more significant online web traffic and higher engagement through the right eCommerce website design and social media marketing strategies. But ultimately, you can only have the conversions with the proper pricing of your eCommerce products. ECommerce is intensely competitive now. Thus, without competitive prices for your products, you can not make your potential buyers buy. Thus, it would be best if you had the proper pricing for all your products for them to sell.

eCommerce WordPress developer Use live chatbots and ensure proper support.

It is often seen that most online shoppers have become very used to live chats and proper support while shopping on the internet. In line with this, a good eCommerce WordPress developer must use live chatbots and proper support. It is another factor that can contribute to your conversion rates.

Ensuring your eCommerce website is safe

Going by the current online shopping trends, it is seen that online shopping frauds have become very rampant. Therefore, you must use technology like installing SSL at the checkout to ensure your website is safe. The same also has to be conveyed to all potential customers. Once they know your eCommerce is safe to shop at, you must have higher engagement and conversions.

But I’m a WordPress developer who’s not familiar with digital marketing

At the beginning of this post, we said that WordPress developers are also expected to be familiar with digital marketing due to the competitive eCommerce market. But it may be difficult for some industry veterans to struggle to learn new skills. 

 And that’s why it’s helpful to be comfortable with learning through reading blog posts from experts like Neil Patel and watching the massive number of free videos on Youtube. 

 This applies for any skill set. Say that you want to learn accounting. If you’re unable to keep up with online courses and need on-hands help, an accounting course may be what you need. At WordPress Training London, we’re familiar with helping people learn WordPress so we understand that courses are still important despite the plethora of online courses and learning platforms.