Transition your career with our WordPress Training in London and earn £5,000+ every month.

Become a WordPress developer with our Advanced WordPress Training. NO PRIOR DEVELOPMENT KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!

WordPress Training in London.

WordPress Training in London. Become a WordPress Developer and earn 4-figures per month

Not suitable for training on your website.
Course Location:
Google Meets
Meets Schedule: Flexible days and timings

Advance Training

£399.99 £599.99

Not suitable for training on your website.

What will we Cover?

Our WordPress training in London will cover
everything that is required to make a professional website including:

What will I Achieve?

Our trainings are bespoke and tailor-made. All the lessons are designed to give you the best knowledge about every ins and outs of WordPress.


What type of WordPress training in London do you have?

We specialise in delivering premium, customised WordPress training that covers both basic and advanced levels. Our WordPress training is thoughtfully designed to benefit a diverse audience. No matter you are an individual or a business owner this is the best WordPress training for you.


I am not a technical person, do I need any prior web design knowledge?

Our training courses are designed for individuals at all levels, regardless of prior experience or WordPress knowledge. Whether you are looking to be a WordPress developer or a business owner seeking to manage your website independently, our training cater to your needs.


How does your WordPress training in London work?

We offer training several times a week. Our trainings are designed for everyone. We offer flexible hours and can be available during your available time.


How will the WordPress training in London be given?

Our trainings are provided online via Google Meets.

What you will Learn?

We will cover lots of topics in this training including.

& Set-up
Menu &
Content &
& Installing
Header &
Setup Payment

What our Client Says?

Our Happy Clients

"This course was taken as part of my professional development within a new role. The trainer explained everything clearly and ensured I had all the information needed for the projects I work on. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in wordpress and looking to improve their skills."
Sarah Hick
"The training was excellent for me and my team!
Very flexible to our abilities and use cases, the 1-2-1 tailored training meant we were able to use the time in a very efficient manner and the course was really great value.
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to expand thier WordPress knowledge at any level!."

Roseanna Kennedy
"I took this course as part of professional development and really enjoyed it! Our instructor explained everything clearly, concisely and tailored his teaching to the project I was working on. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone with any level of wordpress knowledge/experience."
Darya Bordbar
"Asif was fantastic, training was brilliant learnt a lot and my website was looking better even before the training was over. Would 100% recommend."
Woodhouse Butchery
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